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Skill for troubleshooting caused by engine oil
  •          Insufficient amount of engine oil or excessively high oil level, resulting in high oil temperature.

Solution: To ensure the amount of engine oil for engine operation, the oil level should be between the upper and lower scale lines of the oil scale, and it should not be too high or too low.


  •          The oil pump is malfunctioning and the amount of oil is too small, resulting in insufficient oil pressure and poor heat dissipation

Solution: Pay close attention to the oil pressure gauge to ensure that the oil pump is in a normal working state. If the oil pump fails, it is necessary to find a professional maintenance person to repair it, rather than disassembling it yourself.


  •          The diesel engine’s cooling hydrological temperature is too high, and the cooling parts can’t take away the heat in time. If the temperature of the heated parts is too high, the oil temperature will also increase.

Solution: Regularly overhaul important components such as the water pump and oil cooler in the cooling system to ensure that the engine cooling system can be used normally.


  •          The oil cooler is blocked, the oil pressure is insufficient, the normal heat dissipation is not achieved, and the oil temperature may be too high.

Solution: Check the oil cooler frequently and repair or replace it if problems are found.


  •          The oil filter is clogged, and the oil will directly enter the main oil passage through the bypass valve. The impurities in the oil will increase the wear of the engine.

Solution: Regularly clean the oil filter and replace the filter element to ensure that it can work normally.



  •          The piston ring is not tightly closed, the cylinder leaks, resulting in excessive crankcase ventilation and the engine oil is excluded from the engine with the ventilation, which will cause the engine oil temperature to be too high.

Solution: Regularly check the tightness of the piston ring and the cylinder to avoid air leakage. Once it occurs, replace or repair it in time.


  •          If the clearance of the bearing shell is too large, the amount of oil drained by the engine is too large, which results in the engine oil pressure being too low to form a normal oil film.

Solution: Ensure that the clearance between the bearing shell and the shaft journal is just right, and repair in time if there is a problem.



  •          The heavy load on the engine causes the water temperature and oil temperature to be too high.

Solution: Reasonable use of the engine to avoid its overload operation, especially long-term overload operation, such as overloaded transportation, long-term overloaded transportation, etc., the machine must also have a rest period in order to work better. 


  •          The engine is too tightly assembled, resulting in high frictional resistance during operation, so the heat generated is high, and the temperature transmitted to the oil is also increased, resulting is an increase in the thermal load of the oil.

Solution: If it is a new car or the engine has been overhauled, this problem can usually be solved after a period of running-in. If it is the same after running-in, go to the repair shop.


  •          Use incorrect engine oil or inferior engine oil. If the oil impurities are too large, more heat will be generated during friction, which will cause the oil temperature to rise.

Solution: Reasonably choose the correct grade and viscosity grade of genuine engine oil, it is best to buy through regular channels, do not want to buy cheap products cheaply, it will cause indelible damage to the vehicle.




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